Transform your Fire Pit into a showpiece with our fire glass. Used in the place of lava rock. Catch the brilliant reflection of the midday sun, or create a shimmering reflection of magnificent flames in the evening.


Captivate — Transform your fire pit into a showpiece as the flames dance along the edges of our fire glass cubes, mesmerizing guests with this elegant and stylish addition to your décor

Low Maintenance — Our fire cubes are durable, reusable and built to withstand extreme heat without losing their color or shape. To clean, simply remove fire cubes from pit and rinse with water and mild soap

Versatile — Our fire glass cubes are designed to complement any decor scheme, whether classic, modern or contemporary. You can use them in any indoor or outdoor setting, with both propane and natural gas fire pits

Product Includes

Pacific Blue 1/2 Reflective Fireglass Cubes - 10 lb bag

Weight - 10 lbs

WARNING California Proposition 65

Pacific Blue 1/2 Reflective Fireglass Cubes - 10 lb bag